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So originally I didn’t really care about A Pink

But then I started watching “Birth of a Family” (for Infinite, of course) and happened to watch the A Pink “audition” segment. And that’s when I fell in love with this girl:

JUNG EUNJI! <3 She’s seriously adorable, and speaks with an accent because she’s from Busan. I just about died when she started pretending to scold the dog, and then they asked her to do it in Seoul dialect and all she did was add “yo” to the end.

Plus, when I watched A Pink’s comeback with “My My” (which is a cute song), I realized that Eunji is (either main or lead) vocals, and her voice is AWESOME! She’s made me warm up to the group as a whole as well, watching them all interact on “Birth of a Family”.

If you ever give a thought to A Pink, go and check them out, even if it’s just for Eunji. :)

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